Ab Carver Pro Review

UPDATED April 2018

The ab carver pro is the bat mobile of ab roller wheels! Maybe even the Bat-bike. It’s that mean and sturdy. I’ve always known about ab wheels and have used them in the past, and although they’re very effective I always felt like they were cheaply made and hard to balance while using them during a workout.

Even Sylvester Stallone has said how he had used an ab wheel to get his six pack for movies such as Rocky and Rambo. I thought I’d research all the ab wheel available for sale and after trying a few, I can definitely recommend the Ab Carver Pro.

I came across the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro on Amazon and couldn’t believe the amount of positive reviews the ab carver pro had received.

I had previously heard of Perfect Fitness (the company behind the ab carver pro), one of my workmates had used their perfect pushup and perfect pull-up products with great results. So I knew I could trust this company as I had seen first hand the results of some of their other more established equipment.

The man behind Perfect Fitness and the inventor of the ab carver pro was an ex US Navy Seal so he must know what works and what doesn’t.

First Impressions of The Ab Carver Pro

The ab carver pro came in the post in a large brown amazon box and I couldn’t wait to get it out and give it a go. Inside the box was the actual ab carver pro wheel, two handles which easily slotted onto the spindle of the wheel, 2 knee pads for comfort and a small guide on how to assemble the ab carver pro.

I was a little disappointed that it hadn’t come with a workout program to use with the ab carver pro, but it did come with a website address where I could download it. By the way – you can get the 21 Day workout program on our website here.

So I downloaded the 21 day workout guide and got to work on it straight away. I immediately noticed the difference between the ab carver pro and other old school traditional ab wheels.

First off, the wide rubber wheels gave me much more balance, allowing me to focus on working my abs rather than hitting the floor with my face! This was my original issue with traditional ab wheels but the ab carver pro completely removed this problem.

Another thing I had noticed was the resistance provided by the internal, carbon, steel spring. I had read about this on the amazon reviews but thought it would just be a sales gimmick. However I must say it really does work! I noticed an increase in resistance on the way down and then assistance and support on my back and shoulders on the way back up to the starting point. Such a great idea!

Alden Mills the Ex Navy Seal and inventor of the ab carver pro talked about how he had shaped the handles in a downward fashion, mimicking the handlebars of a triathlon bike, the reason behind this is that it forces your arms to do more of the work, meaning the arms are working to support you more, rather than your back and rear shoulders.

Alden Mills actually says that the ab carver pro gives your tricep muscles a workout similar to that of doing tricep extensions (the hardest tricep exercise there is).

The actual middle wheel of the ab carver pro is designed in a curved shape across the breadth of the wheel, this is so that you can perform the carving motion to the left and right while rolling in and out with the wheel. This targets those all so important obliques which we all want, giving you nice defined lines.

After doing my first workout with the ab carver pro, I really noticed my abs and obliques were burning, this is a good thing because it really lets you know this thing is actually working! Which is great because these days even after doing tons of situps, crunches, weighted pull downs and side to sides I rarely feel any soreness in my abdominal muscles post workout.

However with the ab carver pro workout I experienced soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) the day after, some may think this is a bad thing, but ┬áif there’s no pain, there’s no gain!

Conclusion of Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

After completing the 21 Day workout I am happy to say that my abdominal muscles feel tighter, harder and are much more defined with clearer lines, giving a much more sculpted look. Overall I think the ab carver pro takes a tried and trusted method of abdominal workout (ab wheel) and upgrades it so that it’s:

Easier to use and balance due to a wider wheel
Much more robust and well made
Provides resistance and assistance through a coiled spring
Much more ergonomic providing support for your lower back and shoulders
Involves more arm muscles, such as the triceps, giving a better overall upper body workout
Has a 30 day money back guarantee and thousands of happy customers
From a brand we can trust
The only negative thing that I can think of for this product is not providing a printed workout guide within the box, I know this is clutching at straws and its easy enough to download the guide, but having an already printed version to work from would be a nice addition.

Overall I totally love this product, I cant recommend it enough, no over complicated big bulky machines needed, just a simple workout tool that works!

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