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Summer is around the corner. It’s time to hit the beaches in those bathing suits. If the carbs that you’ve been packing is starting to show on your midsection, it’s time to start off a workout plan to get you back into shape!

The Perfect Ab Carver Pro that looks a lot like your regular ab wheel but with modifications and upgrades, designed to carve your core by giving you ripped abs and sculpted arms.  Let’s take a look at a workout plan that will whip you into shape!

Pre-Workout Preparation

Hold your horses! Before you hit the gym to battle for great abs, make sure you’re prepared. If you jump into your workout plan without any warm up, your body is suddenly thrown into a strenuous activity. This could cause your blood pressure to rise.

Here are a few tips to make certain that you’re prepared to begin your workout:

Stretches for warm up

Ideally, when warming up, a stretch position should not be held for more than 10 to 15 seconds. It gives your muscles enough time to loosen, without causing any injury.

Eat lots!

A great way to enhance your workout is to load up on the right nutrients. Have a meal that is high on carbohydrates and protein; it will keep your sugar level at an optimum level. Also refrain from consuming large meals shortly before you begin working out. If you’re having a large meal, do so 3-4 hours in advance.

Charge up with some caffeine!

Researchers have proven that caffeine is an effective way to boost up energy, and ultimately workout performance. Try a small quantity for the first day, and slowly increase it if it helps.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water at all times; before, during and after workouts.

Let’s get started! Beginning your Ab Carver Pro Workouts!

Your Ab Carver Pro, thankfully, works in a similar way as your ab wheel. Yet, when working out on a new piece of equipment for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. Now that you’re all warmed up, it’s time to work up some sweat. Follow these guidelines, step by step:

Step 1: Choosing the right place to workout

With some Ab wheel, there was a slight chance of the equipment slipping or sliding too much if rolled out on a slippery floor. However, the Ab Carver Pro can work effectively on a carpeted or granite floor.

Step 2: Your posture

In order to effectively begin, make sure you position your body correctly:

  1. Sit in a kneeling position.
  2. Position your knees a little wide, with your toes resting on the floor.
  3. Place your left and right hand on the handles. Since the Ab Carver Pro is designed ergonomically to comfortably fit the thumbs of your left and right hand in different positions, make sure you get that right.
  4. Place the Ab Carver Pro directly in line with your shoulders.
  5. Make sure your posture is tight; don’t sag. You may hurt your back during the exercise.

Step 3: Let’s get “rolling” (Forward rolling)

The Ab Carver Pro, as mentioned earlier, has many modifications; like the one on its rolling function. The spring like mechanism, known as the carbon steel coil, installed in this equipment will create a resistance. That’s where you’re really working those ab muscles. When you roll back, it provides assistance.

This workout can be a bit strenuous if you’ve never tried it before. That’s ok. Go easy on yourself. Your body needs some time to get accustomed to this workout. So if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, there’s a different rolling plan for each:

>ab carver pro

For beginners:

If you’re a beginner, position yourself about 12-15 inches against the wall, and roll out against it.  The wall will act as a blockade, so that your rolling is controlled. Your thigh area should be approximately 65-70 degrees against the floor. By doing so, you’re allowing yourself to understand the movement and exercise.

For intermediary:

At intermediary level, there is no such need to use the wall as a barrier. Roll out a little further than the beginners’ level, with your thighs about 45 degrees against the floor.

For advanced:

This is a pro position. If you’ve worked with an ab wheel for some time now, then this is the position you should be going for. For the advanced level, roll against the floor.

Based on the level you’re rolling at, roll forward and backward; 5 seconds to roll forward and 5 seconds to roll back.

Step 4: Rolling left and right

Now that you’ve understood the rolling, let’s move on. Continue the same movement in step 3. Use the handle to maneuver the grip to the left and right by placing pressure downwards. The wide wheel of the Ab Carver Pro and the coil system will allow an easier turn, without putting added pressure on your lower back.

This position of alternating between forward, left and right will exercise your obliques.

Step 5: Pace yourself

If this is your first time, carve about 10 repetitions or “reps”; that is 5 left and 5 right. Remember, this exercise is not about how fast you can accomplish a certain round; it’s about exercising your muscles without causing them injury. Most people wrongly presume that if they work out faster, they are burning more calories. Not quite. Pacing yourself effectively will make your abs work harder, yielding better results.

A Three-Week Workout Plan

In order to achieve your goal of sculpted abs, continue on with a workout plan over the course of 3 weeks, by gradually increasing your pace. The Perfect Ab Carver Pro comes with a manual that outlines a 3 week work out plan. Along with following this plan, it is imperative that you eat healthy. Remember, if you’re going to burn 400 calories in your workout, you should at least consume 200 calories.

Here is the workout plan:


Washboard flat abs

Follow this workout plan diligently, eat healthy and you’ll be ready to take on summer with a bang!


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