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What’s the material for the office chair?

What's the material for the office chair?

Office chairs are one of the most commonly used office furniture that company employees use every day. But few people have paid attention to its material. Now in most office buildings, office chair materials are more used in net cloth, net cloth is also the largest market share. But in addition to mesh, office chair materials include leather, cloth, PU leather and many other materials. Today, let’s learn about the materials of the office chair.

Why tangled with office chairs and what materials are used? Because different materials give a very different feeling. The sensory properties of the material are an important feature of the product design material. Materials in the visual, tactile and other aspects of the feeling is not the same, resulting in the perception of the characteristics are very different. The sensory characteristic sofority of the material is a kind of psychological feeling, it is based on physiology, is the comprehensive impression of the material of the human sensory organ, is the human sensory system because of physiological stimulation of the material response or by the human perception system from the material surface of the information.

What's the material for the office chair?

Office chairs can also be used in personal study, but as an office furniture, currently in the office building, the common staff chair parts of the selection can be, the general staff chair cushions and backrests are imported by South Korea high-grade imitation pine special mesh cloth, cushions using Taiwan cloth, high density sponge, High-density stereotyped sponges and imported sponges to select materials, armrests can be used pu armrests, PP armrests, chairs and feet with nylon chairs, electroplating steel chair feet, aluminum alloy chairs and feet and other styles of choice.

What's the material for the office chair?

Well, compare the various common materials. What’s the difference between these in terms of use? Net cloth office chair full of elasticity, good breathability, relatively cheap, easy to wash. PU office chair is imitation of the real leather feel, good workmanship comfort is very good, the price is slightly cheaper, durability is not as good as leather. Leather office chairs breathable and comfortable, especially suitable in air-conditioned rooms, the price is higher. Plastic office chair sit hard and not comfortable, generally need cushions, easy to clean and easy to save. Cotton office chair breathability is good, gentle and comfortable, less resistant to dirt.

As the most important furniture in the office, office chairs of course also choose the final material.